Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tragedy at home

As some of you already know, a major bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota Collapsed yesterday at around 6 PM. I live in a suburb of the Twin Cities and many of my family members and friends drive that bridge daily. My boyfriend was on the bridge not an hour before it's collapse. It seems right now that no one close to me was on the bridge at the time it collapsed, and i feel extremely lucky. This catastrophe is very real to me, seeing as it took place about 40 minutes from my home, and anyone i know could've been involved. I'm asking you, as a Minnesotan knitter, to help out in anyway you can. Even if you are no where near here, help out in other ways. Don't forget one charity or cause for another. If you can't help out here, help out in your own neighborhood. Knit hats for premies, give blood, donate money. There are still other tragedies that won't go away just because a new one has sprung up.

Thanks for your time. Keep Minneapolis in your heart.

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