Thursday, August 16, 2007

So close.... and yet so far

I'm onto the yoke of the sweater!!!! Looking back, i probably should have done this completely in the round, but this is my first sweater and i wanted to seam it to see if i could. The seams look amazing. i did an invisible seam. it is the only way i will seam from now on. One thing that i have noticed is that i will have to do about 18 cabled rounds before the yoke is long enough. i've done seven. luckily every 4 rounds the st. count is decreased by 8. but still. that's a lot of sts.

Project monogamy is starting to get to me. It's been over a week since i started and i haven't touched anything else. I felt like i was cheating if i opened a book! But i have so many projects in mind now.

Projects My Cheatin' Heart Has Been Flirting With:
  • A Raspberry Beret, inspired by the Prince Song, in various colors including Romantic Raspberry, Cool Green, and Sophisticated Black
  • Swedish Mittens of my own design in hand dyed wool
  • Swedish Mittens of a pattern i've had in 'Sour Apple' green and the pink from the cabled mittens
  • Entrelac Hat in Cashsoft DK (be still, my beating heart)
  • The sweater i saw and fell in love with when i was winding the balls for the Wheat Ear sweater....

That and i owe my chico some gloves and i need to start working on christmas stuff!!!!!!! I think i'll have enough left over from my sweater to knit my cousin a sophie bag.

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