Saturday, August 25, 2007

What I've learned

I've been such a bad blogger. I've made so many posts but have left them as drafts because i'm too lazy about pictures. I think i'd be better at it if i wasn't over here suffering with dial up because my dad (i'm a young knitter, here) is under the impression that dsl is so expensive he's going to have to sell his kidney to get it.

So what' i've been up to has been sporadic. After giving all (and i mean all.) my attention to wheat ear for about 10 days, it's mayhem. So far I've knit a pair of gloves, have a fair isle mitten OTN, a new sweater, a crochet blanket that's going to be 100 squares of scrap yarn (i know that there will not be enough, but i keep on truckin' anyway), i have wheat ear un-seamed and half unraveled, and a whole bunch of other projects in mind. Like some socks. And i'm also getting a ball winder and swift for my birthday. And i'm getting a work project soon. Once i get that, it's back to project monagomy.

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