Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The product...

*warning* this post contains opinions and was written in stream of conscience form. read at your own risk.

There are two types of knitters in the world: product and process. There are shades of grey in everyone, but when it boils down to it, there are only two. I've found myself in the first category. I knit things because i want them. I don't look at something and think "oh, i wanna knit that." i see it and say "oh, i need that!" and then a few days (or weeks, sometimes months, i know some of you have reached years) i have it in my hot little hands. I am a process knitter when it comes to mittens. I think it's because they're why i started knitting. I used to think that process knitters just did it to knit. They didn't really care what they had when it was finished so long as they were knitting. I recently learned that this is not true. Grumperina said that she was no longer going to knit sweaters. I was a little sad because the stuff she comes up with is always perfect. It turns out that process knitters get bored! Some process knitters don't like knitting sweaters! I thought that process knitters were the sweaters knitters because sweaters have a lot of process involved. I guess it's up to us product girls (and guys) to knit the sweaters. I can see it. In the sweater process, unless it's intricate, it's miles of stockinette (if you were to knit a large sweater, you really could knit a mile of stockinette. isn't that cool to think? knitting a mile...) it's just something to think about

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