Sunday, September 2, 2007

keep on truckin'

Even after the defeat of the Wheat Ear Cabled Yoke Sweater, i'm just going to keep on truckin'. Right now that sweater is in pieces on the table waiting to be wound into hanks to be washed and balled as soon as i get my ball winder and swift. I decided to get that for my birthday, but it might be awhile...

...And i've started some new projects. The minimalist cardigan is chugging along, i'm a little more than half way done with the right (or left...) front. I started this so it can be the 'un-official' first sweater. Seeing as school starts soon (i'm oh so sad) Progress is either going to slow or speed up. I haven't been spending too much time on it seeing as yesterday chico was dropped off at college and i've been wanting to spend lots of time with him. luckily he chose a local college before we started dating and is only thirty minutes away. but seeing as instead of a 5 minute drive on residential streets, it's a 30 minute drive on city freeways (i shouldn't complain, i'm a VERY lucky girl. he was very close to going to a college 4 hours away.) It should go by quickly

I've also got a blanket started. It's going to be for me and chico, it's pink and grey, and i'm about 20 squares in (of 100)

and also a secret project.... i've knit it before. are you clever enough to figure out what it is?

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