Friday, August 10, 2007

BIG mistake (well not really, just letting the drama queen out)

So I totally jinxed myself with the sweater. While knitting it, i thought to myself "wouldn't it be cool if i could knit this sweater without ripping back once? i think that'll be sweet!" yea well...

I was so used to doing m1 inc. for the waist shaping and now that i've started the front it's back to k2togs... I did a make one instead of a k2tog!!!

I've tried to fix my mistake by dropping the three sts. in question (the m1 and the 2 that were supposed to be decreased) and fixing them to how they're supposed to be. it looks like this:


Maybe it'll block out, i doubt it

This is the second thing i tried

I ripped back the stitches i just 'fixed' brought them both up to the current row, did a k2tog and then an ssk. it looks like this

much more likely to block out.

I think that since the back and the front are exactly the same, i might use this as the back. BUT there was a misbehaving cable on the back and i tried fixing it but it's still not completely fixed. I'm so glad i didn't rip back about 1000 sts.
Now i'm off to knit the rest.

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