Saturday, August 18, 2007

a bitter-sweet moment

well, mostly bitter. i finished my sweater. it's way too big. i'm thinking of ripping back to the ribbing and finishing up the decreases to the 140 in the pattern. but i really don't want to since it won't fit anywhere. I think my mistake was knitting the medium size. i thought the sweater was supposed to have 2 inches of negative ease everywhere, but since i'm a little busty but i have a narrow waist (38" bust, 33" waist) so the bust had 2" of negative ease, but the waist have about 5".

There will be no picture because i'm mad at the sweater.

Up next i'm going to knit the minimalist cardigan in the fall IWK. i'm going to again use cascade but i'm going to use green. I've noticed that i have a problem with pink. Expect to be seeing pictures and a KAL button soon.

Also, i'm knitting some more Ken Gloves!!! I'm knitting another pair for chico. This is such a clever pattern! I love the increase for the thumb gusset, i think i'm going to work it into my next design.

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