Monday, July 30, 2007

What IS it?

It is the B-4 Bag. I'm knitting it for work. I would not recomend SWTC's karoke for knitting it... the yarn rips easily, the color repeats are not even... it's just frustrating to knit well with. I'm on a bead row but i can't find my F crochet hook. luckily i've found that twisting the stitch between my fingers makes it easy to put the bead on. I'm using glass pony beads. I'm knitting this for work, so i won't get to felt it myself, but the job has a felting machine.

also, i finished the socks!!! i had a job last week that i could just knit away at it, and i finished it! it went from about 7 rows of ribbing to a finished socks in 5 days! wow! my first pair of socks took months, and so did the second. turns out that KNITTING THE PROJECT makes it go FASTER! who could have thunkit?

Finished: Self Striping Socks
Yarn: Clown Sock Yarn (it was a gift i got for christmas 2 years ago... the label is long gone. but it's sweet.)
Pattern: A variation of the Yarn Harlot's
Started: A couple of weeks ago... You'd have to check
Finished: July 27th
Thoughts?: Harlot says stop 3 inches before you've reached the length of your foot for the toe... I think i agree more with Grumperina when she says stop 2 inches less than the length of your foot for the toe. I also think i want to add another inch to my length (i have size ten feet. they're about 11 inches long. I made my foot 7 inches long (1 inch negative ease) so then the foot is only 9 inches. next pair of socks: 9 inch foot, then toe.)

I also went here over the weekened and got some lurvely treats. i bought some malabrigo worsted weight yarn which i'm using to do a variation of the basic cable from stitch and bitch nation. It's deliciously soft. I was tempting to buy the lace weight malabrigo. i don't knit lace. i. want. it. (who's got a birthday coming up? oh yea... ME!) and some plymouth encore dk to knit these. I just need to find my threes and maybe get another pack of size 4 needles. Finally i got some Nashua superwash in a grey for gloves for my chico. He felted his last pair and i want him to be warm and stylin' (but not too stylin', still masculine) well now i'm off to dream about malabrigo.... so soft

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