Monday, July 2, 2007


I actually finished these quite awhile ago... i think maybe like a week or so?

Simple Socks

Pattern: Yarn Harlot's sock recipe, slightly modified
Yarn: Cascade Fixation (1 ball!!!!!!!)
Modifications: I didn't knit a leg, i just did a few rows of ribbing and then went right to the heel
Start: Some time in march?
Finish: June 21st

This was my second pair of socks, the first i gave to my grandma!!! i really like them, i think i'm going to do some socks again sometime soon (what's that lassie, you say there's already some wool on my size one DPN's? it's italian you say? and self striping?)

another finish, three dishcloths a la ann and kay. sorry, no pictures i already gave them away, but i knit 2 ballbands and a ninepatch. i quite like the nine patch. it uses very little yarn, but i've had to rip out quite a few mitered corners...

And the time has come to discuss christmas knitting. first i want to decide who gets what, what i'm going to knit it out of, and how i'm going to pay for it...

my chico: a maroon and gold blanket, crocheted
sister: a hat, knit out of acrylic (she loses stuff easy), but ornate
mom: this
chico's mom: cabled mittens in some fuzzy, white wool. maybe a simple wool with a fuzzy lace weight to add a bit of a
chico's sister: the basic cable from stitch and bitch in a red wool
grandma: that's a tough one. i should crochet her a blanket because i made one for my other grandma. i'll have to tell that story another day
cousin k: i'm going to knit her a sophie bag in cascade 220 quatro in a yellow color. she's the one who moved out to AZ. i might knit her a hat, too
cousin c: last christmas i tried to knit the alligator mittens for her from stitch 'n bitch but they came out huge and i had to give them to an eccentric friend. i'm going to give them another try. that along with maybe a basic cable hat (i <3 that hat)
aunty S: maybe some jaywalkers?
aunty N: she's a knitter, so i'm getting her Knitting Rules! by this lovely lady and maybe some trekking xxl or another sock yarn and some #1 (u.s.) DPN's. louet gems maybe? ooo.

me? what do i want for christmas? oh, a few things...

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Marti said...

I love planning out the Christmas knitting! I suffer from a severe case of excessive optimism though, and usually only finish about half of the projects I planned out. Maybe this year will be different...