Monday, June 25, 2007

Where are the batteries!!!!

My camera has died. i kind of want a new one.

But on the knitting front, there is much to share

i knit and finished a hat (but gave it away already, so no pictures, sorry!!!!)

here's the pattern:

EDIT: I have decided to remove the pattern for reasons. If you really want your own, designing hats is easy peasy, take a crack at it!

there are probably going to be some questions about the hat, if anyone finds any problems with the pattern, let me know. i just knit a swatch and did the math and viola! a hat! it took me an evening and part of the following morning to knit this hat. it's really simple and I'm thinking for v 2.o i might add cables. i love cabled hats.

have a question? check here first:

what kind of yarn is Patons decor?
Patons Decor is a wool/acrylic blend that i bought kind of cheap at Joann fabric (i couldn't make it to the LYS and i had a 40% off coupon). The yarn incredibly soft and is just as soft knitted up, but i found it a little itchy against my forehead, but my head has always been a little sensitive to wool. It's a chunky yarn and for mine i used a dark grey color, but the stitches were hard to see in the swatch. If i were to design a hat again with the yarn, i might use a lighter color.

if it's a chunky yarn why did you use size 8's?
I knit this hat for my boyfriend who is going off to college and won't be having a car. He's going to the university of Minnesota, and living here and knowing the weather, it gets cold. I wanted the hat to have a tight gauge so it would trap heat and keep out the cold wind. i don't want my boy freezing to death!

Can i substitute yarn?
of course! i used big box craft store yarn because I'm young, poor, and didn't want my boyfriend to accidentally felt something again (yes, i still love him! wool accidents happen to everyone). I've only knit this hat once with the one yarn, but other chunky yarns that knit up to a similar gauge would work fine! one thing that held me back as a beginner was the thought that a pattern could only be knit with the yarn specified!!! i was a little shocked when people substituted. now i rarely use the yarn called for!

What a great pattern! Can I publish this on my site/sell hats from this pattern at craft shows/claim it as my own?
I'd rather you not. I designed Chico in about 30 minutes. I made a small swatch, took my gauge, and then multiplied the number of stitches per in by the number of inches i wanted my hat. Designing your own stuff is really easy, try it!

enough about the hat, what else are you up to?
good question! right now i have a Ball Band Dishrag in my lap on the needles. my cousin and future cousin in law are moving out of state and i wanted to do something for her before she left. what else could a 20-something moving to a new apartment out of state use? wash cloths! I'm going to try to knit her 2 ball bands and a 9 patch out of just 2 balls of sugar n' cream yarn (super size, yo!) and then go on from there.

also, i finished the socks!!! i had a bout of insomnia one night and just finished them!!! who knew that i could do it!!!! i want to get some koigu and make jaywalkers next. i love Grumperina's blog so much, she's such a perfectionist, so her pattern must be spotless!!!

up next: planning for christmas (in almost july)

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