Sunday, July 8, 2007

Super Secret

The stuff that i'm knitting right now (aside from the sock, picture a long tube that's scrunched up at the top) i can't take pictures of. Sorry i had to remove the Chico Pattern, but i think to replace it i'm going to put in a little tutorial on how to design your own hat. I think that my news years resolution for this year (i'm planning a little early so it might be a birthday resolution) is to knit a sweater and instead of looking for a pattern to design everything. It'll be a great learning experience (there'll be a few exceptions. i <3 knitty, for one and there are somethings i don't quite have down to a science yet.) I think another resolution is to knit more gauge swatches. I'm doing better with only buying yarn that has some natural fiber in it. no 100% acrylic has entered my house.

sorry for the ramble, i promise pictures soon!!!!

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