Monday, June 16, 2008

To Do List...

On the lovely ravelry I have a queue about a mile long. I have 'knitting obligations' that seem never ending. I need a to do list...

1. Finish second embossed leaves sock (to the heel flap!)
2. Knit sample sweater and all the little button on patch things (from a knitter's dozen book, the kids' sweater one)and have it done by july 12th
3. Do swatches for my SCJ class (I'm doing another one!)
4. Freak out a bit because the SCJ is no longer a free pattern. ack.
5. Do last year's christmas knitting.
6. Start this year's christmas knitting.
7. Organize the stash, figure out future projects.
8. Knit spring forward socks. now.

that's not too hard, right?

Also, have you seen the twist collective site? I cannot wait, it comes out on August 1st. It's not a free online magazine but the designs are 'fair trade' and that makes me happy. I like it when the geniuses that bring me great patterns are earning enough money to keep doing it. It looks so high quality and amazing. I kind of wish it was a real magazine and not just an online deal so I could kiss it. Can. Not. Wait!

Well, I'm going to listen to my latest obsession, Lime and Violet! I must have socks that rock now.

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