Monday, June 25, 2007

Where are the batteries!!!!

My camera has died. i kind of want a new one.

But on the knitting front, there is much to share

i knit and finished a hat (but gave it away already, so no pictures, sorry!!!!)

here's the pattern:

EDIT: I have decided to remove the pattern for reasons. If you really want your own, designing hats is easy peasy, take a crack at it!

there are probably going to be some questions about the hat, if anyone finds any problems with the pattern, let me know. i just knit a swatch and did the math and viola! a hat! it took me an evening and part of the following morning to knit this hat. it's really simple and I'm thinking for v 2.o i might add cables. i love cabled hats.

have a question? check here first:

what kind of yarn is Patons decor?
Patons Decor is a wool/acrylic blend that i bought kind of cheap at Joann fabric (i couldn't make it to the LYS and i had a 40% off coupon). The yarn incredibly soft and is just as soft knitted up, but i found it a little itchy against my forehead, but my head has always been a little sensitive to wool. It's a chunky yarn and for mine i used a dark grey color, but the stitches were hard to see in the swatch. If i were to design a hat again with the yarn, i might use a lighter color.

if it's a chunky yarn why did you use size 8's?
I knit this hat for my boyfriend who is going off to college and won't be having a car. He's going to the university of Minnesota, and living here and knowing the weather, it gets cold. I wanted the hat to have a tight gauge so it would trap heat and keep out the cold wind. i don't want my boy freezing to death!

Can i substitute yarn?
of course! i used big box craft store yarn because I'm young, poor, and didn't want my boyfriend to accidentally felt something again (yes, i still love him! wool accidents happen to everyone). I've only knit this hat once with the one yarn, but other chunky yarns that knit up to a similar gauge would work fine! one thing that held me back as a beginner was the thought that a pattern could only be knit with the yarn specified!!! i was a little shocked when people substituted. now i rarely use the yarn called for!

What a great pattern! Can I publish this on my site/sell hats from this pattern at craft shows/claim it as my own?
I'd rather you not. I designed Chico in about 30 minutes. I made a small swatch, took my gauge, and then multiplied the number of stitches per in by the number of inches i wanted my hat. Designing your own stuff is really easy, try it!

enough about the hat, what else are you up to?
good question! right now i have a Ball Band Dishrag in my lap on the needles. my cousin and future cousin in law are moving out of state and i wanted to do something for her before she left. what else could a 20-something moving to a new apartment out of state use? wash cloths! I'm going to try to knit her 2 ball bands and a 9 patch out of just 2 balls of sugar n' cream yarn (super size, yo!) and then go on from there.

also, i finished the socks!!! i had a bout of insomnia one night and just finished them!!! who knew that i could do it!!!! i want to get some koigu and make jaywalkers next. i love Grumperina's blog so much, she's such a perfectionist, so her pattern must be spotless!!!

up next: planning for christmas (in almost july)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Finished, and a sock and a half

Pattern: Ken Gloves

Started: Umm...

Finished: June 19th

Modifications: Yarn, i used Caron Soft and Brite (they are bright) in i rubine red

Thoughts: I love this pattern. I've done it once before and i'm pretty sure that i'm going to do it again. The boy accidentally felted his 100% wool gloves. True, they are really warm now, but they're too small for me even!

In other news, the second sock is coming along great!!!

I'm actually a little farther than what the picture shows. Three inches until toe shaping!!!
I think the next socks i'm going to make are going to have cables to keep things interesting

Monday, June 18, 2007

An update: Slacker Style

Here's what i've got goin'

Going clockwise from the 12 o'clock position: The gloves. I really like the pattern, i've just gotten project ADD. I think i'll be able to finish these today! (how many times have i said that?)
3 o'clock: Thrummed mittens. I believe this is their debut. They're kind of large... i'm going to finish this one and see where it takes me.
9 o'clock: Little Pink Shocks. I finished the first one!!! i took an inch off the length of my foot because i'm using cascade fixation. i really like it and as you can see, i've cast on for the second.
Middle: The Nine Patch. It was fun, my first project with miters!!! I would probably make one again, as soon as i forget how many mitered corners i had to unravel. Shortly after i took this picture i added a crocheted boarder and i think it really makes it look nice. if you don't already know how, learn to crochet. it can make your knitting so much better!

Friday, June 15, 2007


...a sock

i actually started this ages and ages ago but recently dug it up. it's a modification of The Yarn Harlot's sock recipe. instead of doing a long cuff and a leg, i just did five rows of ribbing, a plain round, and then went into the heel flap.

I'm also working on these. These are amazing gloves, i think the thumb is so clever! I'm onto the thumb on the second one. My one complaint is that i'm using a different yarn than specified and it's really slippery on the fingers and thumbs. My goal is to finish these today so maybe a write up tomorrow?

and possibly a stash enhancement picture?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What've i been up to?

Oh, nothing really...

i finished the cabled mittens

They're in need of a severe blocking, though.

I made a few simple accessories

also, although i can't post any pictures, i did a few rounds on the thrummed mittens (which i'm thinking of ripping out, sadly), i'm almost done with the first glove, i made a sweet little crocheted dodo, and i've got a few ideas for a sweater. my first!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm back...

It's been awhile.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Hiatus... *Sigh*

Yes, it's true. I cannot find my digital camera to save the life of me, and i know some people only read blogs for the pictures, and i myself have pictureless blogs. So, i am putting the blog on hiatus until i find the camera. I will keep knitting and keep pictures of everything i've done, but until then.... i'm sorry. please come back, once i find it the posts will be plentiful and full of pictures. here are some things to look forward to

cabled mittens
thrummed mittens
various designs
maybe some patterns?

it'll be all around fun.

see you all later!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

To Do List...

1. Find this
2. Finish these:
3. Finish the thrummed mittens... poor forgotten soul
4. Knit more for work
5. Find out about the new project spectrum colors
6. Get on Christmas knitting (if you're new to knitting, these may seem blasphemous until december 23rd)
7. Buy sun screen and touch of sun so i can sit outside and knit. Why not knit, get a tan, and get cheap highlights?
8. Do homework.
9. Go to zillions of graduation parties
10. Start to enjoy summer by hoping for the new knitty. i love knitty.