Monday, July 30, 2007

What IS it?

It is the B-4 Bag. I'm knitting it for work. I would not recomend SWTC's karoke for knitting it... the yarn rips easily, the color repeats are not even... it's just frustrating to knit well with. I'm on a bead row but i can't find my F crochet hook. luckily i've found that twisting the stitch between my fingers makes it easy to put the bead on. I'm using glass pony beads. I'm knitting this for work, so i won't get to felt it myself, but the job has a felting machine.

also, i finished the socks!!! i had a job last week that i could just knit away at it, and i finished it! it went from about 7 rows of ribbing to a finished socks in 5 days! wow! my first pair of socks took months, and so did the second. turns out that KNITTING THE PROJECT makes it go FASTER! who could have thunkit?

Finished: Self Striping Socks
Yarn: Clown Sock Yarn (it was a gift i got for christmas 2 years ago... the label is long gone. but it's sweet.)
Pattern: A variation of the Yarn Harlot's
Started: A couple of weeks ago... You'd have to check
Finished: July 27th
Thoughts?: Harlot says stop 3 inches before you've reached the length of your foot for the toe... I think i agree more with Grumperina when she says stop 2 inches less than the length of your foot for the toe. I also think i want to add another inch to my length (i have size ten feet. they're about 11 inches long. I made my foot 7 inches long (1 inch negative ease) so then the foot is only 9 inches. next pair of socks: 9 inch foot, then toe.)

I also went here over the weekened and got some lurvely treats. i bought some malabrigo worsted weight yarn which i'm using to do a variation of the basic cable from stitch and bitch nation. It's deliciously soft. I was tempting to buy the lace weight malabrigo. i don't knit lace. i. want. it. (who's got a birthday coming up? oh yea... ME!) and some plymouth encore dk to knit these. I just need to find my threes and maybe get another pack of size 4 needles. Finally i got some Nashua superwash in a grey for gloves for my chico. He felted his last pair and i want him to be warm and stylin' (but not too stylin', still masculine) well now i'm off to dream about malabrigo.... so soft

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Expecto Knitronus!!!

I don't want to spoil the book for anyone, but i just want to say that i didn't really like the last harry potter book. J.K. Rowling seemed to just draw stuff out (i think for length) and the last battle was very very anti climactic... i was disappointed.

But in knitting news, i finished the big surprise (lots of st. st. ...) and i started the hat with the yarn i showed you. it's for the Charmed Knits KAL. I feel bad because it has no wool in it, but i know it'll keep some one a little warm. I'm also glad i found the yarn because it's the University of Minnesota's colors... and i want to go there. Also, i'm getting back to my sock! i finished the first AGES ago and started the second but i got distracted.

(there was a picture... the computer ate it. i'll find it for the next post)

Sunday, July 22, 2007



Thursday, July 12, 2007

No tengo los batteries

do you like my spanglish? i hope so, because i feel awful for not having any batteries in my camera and being too cheap to buy any new ones (yarn stores should start carrying batteries. there are so many knit bloggers, they could make a fortune) but i've made a TON of progress on my socks. i didn't think i was a sock knitter. apparently i'm not a sock knitter for other people. the socks look really good, i'm about half an inch away from the toe shaping on the first sock (!!!) and i hope to finish it later today (famous last words...) and then start on the second! i'm so excited!!!!

also, the hat tuturial requires pictures, so it will be up soon, i hope...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Super Secret

The stuff that i'm knitting right now (aside from the sock, picture a long tube that's scrunched up at the top) i can't take pictures of. Sorry i had to remove the Chico Pattern, but i think to replace it i'm going to put in a little tutorial on how to design your own hat. I think that my news years resolution for this year (i'm planning a little early so it might be a birthday resolution) is to knit a sweater and instead of looking for a pattern to design everything. It'll be a great learning experience (there'll be a few exceptions. i <3 knitty, for one and there are somethings i don't quite have down to a science yet.) I think another resolution is to knit more gauge swatches. I'm doing better with only buying yarn that has some natural fiber in it. no 100% acrylic has entered my house.

sorry for the ramble, i promise pictures soon!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007


I actually finished these quite awhile ago... i think maybe like a week or so?

Simple Socks

Pattern: Yarn Harlot's sock recipe, slightly modified
Yarn: Cascade Fixation (1 ball!!!!!!!)
Modifications: I didn't knit a leg, i just did a few rows of ribbing and then went right to the heel
Start: Some time in march?
Finish: June 21st

This was my second pair of socks, the first i gave to my grandma!!! i really like them, i think i'm going to do some socks again sometime soon (what's that lassie, you say there's already some wool on my size one DPN's? it's italian you say? and self striping?)

another finish, three dishcloths a la ann and kay. sorry, no pictures i already gave them away, but i knit 2 ballbands and a ninepatch. i quite like the nine patch. it uses very little yarn, but i've had to rip out quite a few mitered corners...

And the time has come to discuss christmas knitting. first i want to decide who gets what, what i'm going to knit it out of, and how i'm going to pay for it...

my chico: a maroon and gold blanket, crocheted
sister: a hat, knit out of acrylic (she loses stuff easy), but ornate
mom: this
chico's mom: cabled mittens in some fuzzy, white wool. maybe a simple wool with a fuzzy lace weight to add a bit of a
chico's sister: the basic cable from stitch and bitch in a red wool
grandma: that's a tough one. i should crochet her a blanket because i made one for my other grandma. i'll have to tell that story another day
cousin k: i'm going to knit her a sophie bag in cascade 220 quatro in a yellow color. she's the one who moved out to AZ. i might knit her a hat, too
cousin c: last christmas i tried to knit the alligator mittens for her from stitch 'n bitch but they came out huge and i had to give them to an eccentric friend. i'm going to give them another try. that along with maybe a basic cable hat (i <3 that hat)
aunty S: maybe some jaywalkers?
aunty N: she's a knitter, so i'm getting her Knitting Rules! by this lovely lady and maybe some trekking xxl or another sock yarn and some #1 (u.s.) DPN's. louet gems maybe? ooo.

me? what do i want for christmas? oh, a few things...