Monday, April 30, 2007


Yep. I always thought that i was a faster knitter than i was a crocheter. This would have taken me about a week to knit.

Springtime clutch

Started April 29
Finished April 30 (another quick one)
Materials: Patons Astra (light pink) Red Heart Sport (dark pink and white) Some DK weight... I think it might have been rowan? (green)
Modifications: Yarn

I really liked this little purse. I knit it because i needed something more for my interview (i really hope i get the job but i know i might not!) that was more compicated and crocheted. I have a lot of knitting, but not a lot of crochet ( i swear i knit more).
Crochet this clutch!!!!

*pssst* while typing up this post i replaced the light pink bobble

New projects!

Because of the job interview, i decided i didn't have enough complicated crochet, thus the hat, and now i've started a little clutch from lion brand that says it's 'intermediate advanced' (i don't think any free sites ever put 'advanced' as a rating, they just want people to buy their yarn, and lots of it...) but so far it's pretty easy, but I am also only on the long rectangle. I should probably mention that contrary to the blogs title, i do crochet! And since i have only done a long pink rectangle, i won't post a picture until i get some lace done (and seeing that crochet goes by quick quick quick, that'll probably be tomorrow, after the interview.)

Because the clutch will be pink, i think i'll join project spectrum and count it for that project. But considering that The others colors are orange and yellow ( i don't really remember to correct me if i'm wrong) i'll still make something for those ('carrot purse' any one? maybe a nice yellow cotton something or other? some one said something to me about cotton the other day... so much yarn, so little time...)
well this is taking away from my valuable crochet time...

in other news, i still need to do another strap for the 'carrot' purse. I did the first one using the cabling with out a cable needle method (it's sweet) and i just need to do a three needle bind off with the other side of the first strap and then i'll start on the other. i think that i'll have just enough yarn to finish the purse.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


No, I did not finish the massive orange bag. I finished a crocheted hat. Didn't even have time to blog about it it went so fast.

'The professional' By Emily Nelson
Started April 29th (around midight) Finished April 29th (a little bit before 2)
Materials Red heart super saver in a gray color (i'm trying to use up all the cheap stuff i have...)
Stuff I changed I added two rows of shells instead of just having four... not such big fan of skull caps...
I did this up for the job interview (they called!!!) I decided that i didn't have enough crocheted stuff and i had seen this hat before and thought 'hey, i can do that'
i don't crochet much and it's one of the best things i've crocheted (the blankets don't count, those are simple repeats of the same thing over and over)
I might do a few sample blocks or something just to show that i know what i'm doing and what not.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The woes of the provisional cast-on

My current project right now is a purse that I really don't want to weave in the ends for. So instead of doing that i've decided to pick up stitches at the bottom and do a three needle bind off where i can. I've decided too late that i should have done a provisional cast-on. I do not know how to do one of those. I think in version 2.0 of the bag, i'll add that. The bag is fairly simple, a different version of my typical bag. I'll get a pattern out once i can figure out how to write it...

In other news, I'm feeling like designing some fair isle. I've dabbled before, but one i finish the bag i think that i'm actually going to try out the pattern. I also think i need to go on a yarn buying hiatus. I know i have some ways to go before i have an actual stash, right now mine could probably be added to some of yours and you wouldn't even know. Also, having only been knitting for about 3 years and being young and not having a lot of money to blow on nice yarns, my stuff is mostly from joann fabric, or left overs from single balls of basic yarn. I did apply for a job at a yarn shop and if (that's a big if, i applied over a week ago and no call yet, I even went in again to see what was up!) i do work there, the yarn diet is possibly off... How can i work there and make money only to be surrounded by stuff that i want, need, have to have! so as of today i won't buy yarn until i have saved up enough money that i deem necessary. I have never, ever saved money in my life. What am i going to do with that money? I'm going to buy something worth while... I think of something expensive that i want.