Thursday, June 26, 2008

It was a good yarn day

This morning after my attempts to surf the Internet for all things knitterly failed miserably I took it as a sign from the universe to give dyeing a chance. I had been meaning to try it for awhile but always put it off. I absolutely loved it. I dyed two skeins of yarn today, one worsted weight hank of cascade 220 in the crock pot and a ball of knit picks palette that I hanked up. The 220 turned out pretty, I dyed it green and blue with a hint of purple and for the most part I like how it turned out. It's a little murky in some spots and there's a bit of white left, but for one of my first dye jobs it turned out pretty well! I LOOOOOVE how the palette turned out. I used the cold pour dye method and dyed it red, orange, and yellow. Love. Right now they're drying and then I will take pictures of them hanked and then again after they're reskeined. To dye them I used food coloring. The cold pour was really messy, but only stained my fingers. I am definitely going to do it again!

I also bought some yarn today. I stopped by the store to pick up the cc220 to dye and a hank of Plymouth baby alpaca lace came home with me, too! It's a very pretty orange color and it will soon be a swallowtail shawl.
The new yarns from left to right: Plymouth Baby Alpaca Lace, color 996, Socks that Rock Lightweight, color 'Firebird' and 'Hot Flash'
Best of all? My STR came!!! I got two colors, firebird and hot flash, and I love them!!! I don't know what patterns I'm going to use for them. I know that monkeys would be a good idea, but EVERYBODY uses the monkey pattern with STR. Diagonal cross rib socks? I don't know... I need to get through my spring forward socks (done with #1, onto ribbing of #2) first. Then I want to finish my toe up anklets... And then I'm thinking my orange/red/yellow hand dyed creation should become either a pair of gloves or monkey anklets... And I have the itch to knit a sweater or five... And then I need to finish up the stupid baby sweater for work... So many projects, I need more hands!!!

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