Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The embossed leaves socks are done!!!

Pattern: Embossed Leaves Socks By Mona Schmidt
Yarn: Two skeins of Plymouth Happy Feet
Modifications: None. If I make them again for my self I will add another leaf to the foot
Thoughts?: I really liked making these socks! They are perfectly knit! The pattern was a little weird, it had me break the yarn after the heel flap to rejoin it on the other side, which I didn't like but I did anyway. Also, the yarn wasn't right for the project. It was too fuzzy and I don't think I'll use it again. It also bled a lot while I was blocking them and stained my sink for a few days. For the price It's a good yarn but for quality... It's okay. Since these were a gift I won't get to see how they wear, but I hope they wear well.

I think I'll do the pattern again with a different yarn and a modified heel and foot. After those were off the needles a new sock went on almost immediately. The Spring Forward Socks (aka, the new monkeys) are almost half way done! I'm onto the foot of the first one. I'm a little worried if they're going to fit so I'm hoping the lace blocks out nicely and I have no idea how many lace repeats to do on the foot. Why do I have to have size ten feet!!! I think this is the universe evening things out, I get to knit small sweaters but I have to knit huge socks. I think once the second spring forward sock is all kitchenered nicely I'm going to cast on a sweater. I have a bunch that I want to do and I have yarn for at least 5 sweaters. An EZ pattern in malabrigo? We'll see...

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