Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I got the Job!!!!

So this job i've been going on about this whole time, I got it!!! Barb was almost overwhelmed by all my stuff and i don't know exactly what my job title is, but it's something along the lines of 'teen knitting club consultant' (that probably gives a little hint to my age) So i'm basically going to be a teacher! I'm really glad i got a teaching job because it'll give me a chance to try it out and see if i could really do it. I'm also getting paid to knit samples. My first project (which i'm NOT going to screw up) is a pair of fingerless gloves. amazing. with 50/50 soy silk and wool. wow. (they're paying me, did i say that!)

In other news: the carrot bag is Finished!!! i'll report on that tomorrow, though

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