Saturday, May 5, 2007


The cable purse. I finished it this morning. It sat on my floor for quite a bit because i had a bunch of other stuff going on and i just didn't feel like finishing it, but i came home last night from spider man (it was pretty good. the american flag part was unnecessary...) and was still very awake so i just finished it up. lining and all. so here she is.

Cabled Purse

My own Design

Materials: Red Heart super saver and 2 quilter fabric things...

Alterations: none, it was my pattern

It's already gotten some you. Today me and the boyfriend went to Cinco de Mayo in west Saint Paul.

It was very crowded. And rained. So we went to Boca Chica while the rain was at its worst, and of course once we got home the rain stopped. All in all it was a fun day.

In other news, one soysilk fingerless glove is done!!! The pattern is written strangely and the right and left hand directions are reversed. I'm sure that once they're blocked they'll look great, but right now they're kind of gangly. One left!!! i hope i can finish it tonight

Also, mother's day is in a week or so, so i think i'll start a secret project ....shh

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