Sunday, May 6, 2007

Finished (quick, i know!!!)

Finished: Fingerless Gloves

Pattern: Fingerless Gloves by Laurie-Ann Schultz

Yarn SWTC Karoke (i used almost the whole skein!!! If you like having things that look similiar, use two balls and start from the same repeat)

Modifications: There were some problems with the pattern, like the hands were reversed and it was written kind of funny... but other than that i did it like i was supposed to.

I don't really like how they're basically two different mittens, but i was just doing them for work (!!!) and just did as i was told. I'll offer to knit another pair so that there will be two matching pairs instead of one mismatched pair. I really like the right hand one, though.

For mother's day, i've decided to knit my mom, grandmas, and aunt wash clothes!!! i know i'm cutting it close seeing that mothers day is in a week and i have about 7 ladies to knit for... but i can do it!! i might have to crochet some... 8 if i knit one for my boyfriend's.... what's a girl to do...

Right now i'm working on the 'Butterfly Lace Dish Cloth' from the knit list. I really hope that i have it finished by this evening....

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