Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Flutter by, butterfly

The butterfly lace cloth is just flying by (hehe)... right now i'm on the 8 repeat of butterflies of 12, so i should finish either later today or tomorrow and then i'll be able to start on another one. This is a really simple lace pattern. 2 repeats is only 4 rows. wow. well, here she is

want a closer look?

See the butterfly?

the most frustrating thing is that i keep screwing up at the BEGINNING of the rows, and since this is a gift and lace, i have to rip back and fix it!!!! grrr!

but it's a score for me because

1) i'm using up yarn that i have

2) it's another project spectrum color (i still need yellow!!!!)

3) i'm learning more lace!!!!

I should probably check up on when the next phase of project spectrum starts... i think the next set has metallics in there. how is one going to find metallic yarn? (a metallic bead purse project??? i could make a cool bag with black yarn and metallic pony beads (lack of money, woe is me!!!)) i can see it now....

for the other wash cloth i'm thinking a multi colored ball band warsh rag... i don't want to buy more yarn, but it gets harder and harder every day not to...

do needles count?

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