Saturday, May 19, 2007

Alas, still no camera

My camera is still MIA so you'll have to do with out for awhile... sorry. Well, i've been doing a lot for the job lately, i'm working on the beginner stuff. Right now i've got a swatch, a garter stitch washcloth and a ribbed scarf. What else should i do? I still need a stockinette stitch project and i thought "coaster" but what teenager wants a coaster? I can't do anything in the round because it's a beginner course thing... can't do a hat because it's got shaping... i'll just have to reference my books. In other news, i've gotten farther on my thrummed mittens. They're looking very good, and i'm past the thumb! my one problem: they look huge. so huge they're almost yuge... But i suppose that's for the thrums. Another thing: i think i've got startitis.... i just want to start a new pair of mittens!!!! what's a girl to do... start a crochet project???

it's also hard to find out what to do with all my little balls of scrap yarn. i'm thinking striped hat? striped mittens? the ribbed scarf used up a whole ball of yarn i didn't really like. i like the finished product, though. i think i might use the other ball i have to make a pair of mittens to match for the intermediate group.

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