Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fin ( a two for one kind of a day)

Yes, two for one. I finished the butterfly discloth in time for mother's day with time to spare. and i started and finished a crocheted hat yesterday

zee butterfly, shee eez fineeshed!

Butterfly Dish Cloth
Free pattern from the knitlist
Materials: Lily's Sugar and cream
Modifications: needles (it called for 7's. i preferre 8's)
Inteded recipient: my mom
uh oh, another quick crochet project that snuck up on me...
"boy beanie" from stitch and bitch 'happy hooker'
Materials: All red heart (i'm trying to get rid of all the plastic stuff...)
Modifications: I only loosely followed the pattern.
Start date: May 11 around 3-ish
Finish: May 11 around 6-ish
i'm in love with the flower. I'm also done with all my project spectrum projects for this part of the CAL (craft along!!!)
To go along with the hat i'm thinking of knitting some mittens and then giving this as a christmas present. one can never start too early. I thought i had a jump on it last year. i was wrong. so wrong.
Today was also the Shepherd's Harvest on the fair grounds and i went with my mom. It was pretty cool, i saw parts of a sheep shearing demonstration but left because people kept standing in front of me. The food smelled pretty good but i didn't eat any because it was really expensive.
I did buy yarn. I got one skein of a very soft wool with the color name of 'sour apple' it's a very, very, very bright green, but you've probably noticed already that i like bright colors.
The other yarn i bought was a very pretty pink from a new line called 'shepherd's wool' from those lovely people. It's very soft. Incredibly soft.
I also bought some roving that i intend to make thrummed mittens with. I've been wanting to make them for a long time, but never could find roving.

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