Saturday, May 24, 2008

Where'd I go?

Where have I been? Well, I am currently a high school senior and I am closing in on graduation! Not only am I dealing with the stresses and excitement that go along with graduating but my first choice college has not accepted me yet. They have not rejected me, either. This really sucks on many, many levels. I have not given up yet and I want everyone to think really, really good thoughts about it. Right now those of you 'in the know' are probably thinking "wait, didn't the deadline already pass?". Yes, it did, but the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (the college I'm madly, deeply in love with, just like every other high school senior) decided that since SO many people wanted to go there, they could impose a SECOND waiting list. I am currently on that. I was lucky enough that my back up school did the same thing and only had a priority date set for orientation (but I don't think I have to worry about that much because I'm in the music school there, but I don't think music is for me anymore and so getting into the U is really important, but that's for another post...). I have been waiting almost eight months to hear a final decision from the admissions people. This waiting thing is getting a little old, but I still feel a glimmer of hope. If good things come to those who wait then the best should come to those who wait 8 months. Especially if they are impatient, like me.

Please send every good vibe you can, and I'll send them right back!


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