Friday, April 18, 2008

When did that happen?

The Sunrise Circle Jacket (from here on out the SCJ) is coming along at a good pace! I made it to the dart set up row. I kept feeling like the little bottom section was taking forever and then I looked down and it grew by a few inches in what seemed like seconds! It was the opposite of a knitting black hole!

Here's the bottom part of the back, photo courtesy of swingline (stockinette is so curly!!!) This is right before the darts on the back start.

Now you might be wondering what all those little holes are... Well, they're

I decided to add a little something different to the SCJ and totally ripped off another raveler's idea of the picots looking like rays of sunshine (thanks for the idea!)! Instead of doing a knit row on the wrong side for the turn row I did a row of k2tog, yo across.
What's that about the go with the flow socks? There's a heel flap going on? but it's only a few rows long? And they've been on the needles how long? Weren't they a Christmas gift?
The answer to all these questions: yes... I will have them done soon, but my current goal is to have the back of the SCJ done by Tuesday.
Has anyone else ever gone from knitting a heavily cabled/patterned sweater to a pure stockinette sweater? It feels like hitting a wall because the cables stack up so quickly. I went from saying "well, I'll finish this row because I don't want to forget what I'm doing" to just putting this sweater down in the middle of a row. I think the Marseilles pullover will be welcome change from almost a mile of stockinette. But, the front and back of Marseilles are exactly the same, so we'll see.
Well, I have a very sexy date tonight with the SCJ. I hear it's going to get 'dart-y'.

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