Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby got back

So the back of the SCJ is now drying on the bed. I wanted to see how it looked blocked because it was so curly! But I've decided to keep the pictures of the blocked pieces a secret until after my mom gets it.

So here is the SCJ in all its curly glory(or lack there of):

The unblocked back of the Sunrise Circle Jacket
And some lovely back darts (I doubted the double decrease so much, but Kate Gilbert, you are truly a genius.)

And This:

This is the first rinse. It took 6 to get the water almost clear.

The water was opaque orange. I squeezed the fabric and dark orange water seeped out. 6 rinses. SIX! But it is sort of accurate, color wise...

And the go with the flow socks? The heel flap is a little bit longer... Nothing picture worthy. Just some holey grey tubes with a little flappy thing hanging down... I want to finish them before this weekend so I can take something NEW with me when I go out of town (I'm going with my mom so SCJ will have to stay back and watch the stash).

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