Saturday, April 26, 2008

Are you serious?

Well, I went away for the weekend and I only managed to come back with 11 new skeins of yarn and 4 1/2 inches of a new sock. The SCJ is still just a back with most of a sleeve. The go with the flow socks just have a sad little heel flap. I started the elegant ribbed stockings from the favorite socks book. And I came back with yarn for 3 new projects and a dale book (the st. moritz book, my mom wants a hat). How does one come back with 11 skeins of yarn? Well, I saw some vibrant orange trekking xxl and since the colors at the shop are mostly natural and cool shades, I had to have it. My mom also got yarn for a St. Moritz hat (6 skeins of yarn for a hat. I do believe there will be a leftover-pallooza after that hat) and since I missed my senior prom to do an audition at a school I don't really like (I don't really want to go into that...) I got yarn for an inga hat. It's going to be pink and green and I'm going to leave out the middle section. Very cute. Well, I'm too lazy to take pictures now, so tomorrow there will be a yarn porn galore.

ETA: I came home with 12 balls of yarn. 4 for the inga hat, 6 for the st. moritz hat, 1 skein of trekking xxl, and a ball of regia silk to line my mom's hat. I have fallen deeply in love with the regia and I might try in vain to squeeze a pair of size 10 anklets out of the left overs.

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