Monday, March 24, 2008

How could I ever forget NatCroMo?

Well, I guess march is Nation Crochet Month, and so yesterday I crocheted a hat! It was a basic crocheted hat, top down, crown increases until the crown measures 6 inches across, work until it hits the eyebrows. I did that but added a little picot edge and I sewed on a flower. I have one just like it in pink!!! I think I'm going to do some more and come up with a knitted pattern for it.

In other news, Sofia is DONE! Well, she needs bands, but the last sleeve was completed yesterday afternoon! Right now she is a vest awaiting bands and sleeves, but YAY! I knit a sweater in 2 weeks, granted it was a cropped sweater. I'm so glad to be done with it because although i really enjoyed knitting it, sofia was something I signed a paper (literaly) saying I'd have it done, or else. Now i'm going to move onto something without a dead line. I think that once the bands are on and the sleeves are sewn on i'm going to pick up the monkeys again. According to the rav I started them all the way back in october. Then christmas knitting started and i picked up other projects and they sort of were forgotten. so I've decided that once sofia is done I'm going to work on all my single socks again, from oldest to newest. First monkeys, then the work socks, and then I'll finish up my aunt's socks. I have one of each already knit up so the pairs will be here in no time!

I've been kind of in a sock knitting mood lately. I've been buying fingering weight yarn like it's going out of style. I only have one complete pair of hand knit socks and they don't fit me well. I did another pair for my grandma and she really likes them. I have all these ideas for designs and inspiration for socks.

Well, I'm going to go think about socks and seam a sweater. I'll be back for more later!

(p.s. yarn harlot's book is out and there's a rumor it's in american bookstores TODAY. any idea where my speedy ford contour is heading soon?)

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