Monday, March 17, 2008

After a Long Hiatus

Well, I guess I've been gone awhile. I'll try to be a better blogger, but I guess it's just more exciting for me to read all the great blogs out there instead of thinking of things to write myself. I'll try to be a better blogger, but seeing as this is a hobby, if I don't want to do it, I'm not going to. I'll also try to post a couple patterns every once in awhile and maybe a few pictures every now and again, but welcome to sporadic blog central. Also, we recently upgraded our internet BUT we only have high speed on one compter, which just so happens to be my dad's lap top, so alas, no pictures (i'm not much of a picture taker, which probably isn't a good quality in a knitter)

For a complete update of all my projects check out my ravelry page (psst, I'm becky09. friend me!)! I've been up to a lot, I designed something which isn't up there (i might publish it, I'm not sure yet) and My mom got a pair of mittens that will be publishable after some tweaking. Ravelry is kind of why I'm getting back into blogging. I wrote so much about my hexacomb sweater I thought 'why not start a new blog' and well, here I am. I guess I just want to talk about what I'm knitting, how I'm knitting it, and what I know about knitting. That's another recent project, the Hexacomb Cardigan. I saw it in spring interweave knits and I knew that I had to have it! it knit up really quickly but the finishing took forever! I guess this sweater taught me not to be such a wimp when it comes to changing a pattern. I knit a few more sweaters since my failed wheat ear and successful mini. For christmas, my grandparents got sweaters. My grandma got emerald from knitty and my grandpa got the manly sweater from stitch 'n bitch. My grandma's sweater was finished right before thanksgiving and I was able to knit my self a shrug as a treat for finishing (stefanie japel's boob holder) but due to some issues going on in my personal life (which I'm not going to go into detail about at all) my grandpa's sweater was finished in January. I also crocheted an afghan (10X10 pink and grey grannie squares) from almost all yarn I had lying around. It was a major stash busting project and I only had to buy 3 skeins specifically for the project. great fun. Also there were many socks. Many socks, but no pairs. I did finish one pair of toe up worsted weight socks for my aunt for christmas, but so far it's the only pair! I have a plain pair of just top down short row heel and toe socks halfway done, one monkey sock, and one sock for another aunt of mine. I guess I'm a pretend sock knitter! I love buying sock yarn and I have a ton of socks queued up on my ravelry page but I usually only finish one and then I'm off to the next one!!! Also so many mittens, hats and scarves to keep me and everyone else warm in the cold minnesota winter (happy march 17th! i'm looking at snow when yesterday there was grass)

Well, I guess what I have to say is welcome to the great american blog: sporadic, stream of concious writing.

What I'm currently knitting is a lot of fun! I'm knitting Sofia from the debbie bliss pure cotton/stella book. It's knit out of pure cotton in lime 12 (although it is FAR from lime) and so far it has basically fallen off of my needles it's so fast! I started it a week ago and I'm almost done with the second front and all that is left is 2 sleeves! I'm doing it as a store sample that I get to keep in six months, I just half to pay for half the yarn cost. A lot of stores give the samples back to the employees but the store usually gets to keep the sample for a year or more. I'm fine with this arrangement because I'm paying about half of what it would have cost me full price. I also get to show off something that I knit and the store gets a better product because I'm making it for myself, essentially. They gave me 6 weeks to finish it but i think I can do it in 2. (watch me eat my words). Well, as motivation, here's the deal I'm going to make with myself.

If I do indeed finish the sweater by next monday, march 24th, I may start a secret project and not feel guilty about all the christmas presents I still have left to knit.

"finishing" is defined at having all parts KNIT, so un-woven in ends are okay, not having buttons, okay, being in pieces, not okay. So it essentially has to be a sweater a person can put on. there. Can i do it? place your bets!

ETA: I did it! the sweater is done and hanging up in the store right now!!!

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