Saturday, April 28, 2007

The woes of the provisional cast-on

My current project right now is a purse that I really don't want to weave in the ends for. So instead of doing that i've decided to pick up stitches at the bottom and do a three needle bind off where i can. I've decided too late that i should have done a provisional cast-on. I do not know how to do one of those. I think in version 2.0 of the bag, i'll add that. The bag is fairly simple, a different version of my typical bag. I'll get a pattern out once i can figure out how to write it...

In other news, I'm feeling like designing some fair isle. I've dabbled before, but one i finish the bag i think that i'm actually going to try out the pattern. I also think i need to go on a yarn buying hiatus. I know i have some ways to go before i have an actual stash, right now mine could probably be added to some of yours and you wouldn't even know. Also, having only been knitting for about 3 years and being young and not having a lot of money to blow on nice yarns, my stuff is mostly from joann fabric, or left overs from single balls of basic yarn. I did apply for a job at a yarn shop and if (that's a big if, i applied over a week ago and no call yet, I even went in again to see what was up!) i do work there, the yarn diet is possibly off... How can i work there and make money only to be surrounded by stuff that i want, need, have to have! so as of today i won't buy yarn until i have saved up enough money that i deem necessary. I have never, ever saved money in my life. What am i going to do with that money? I'm going to buy something worth while... I think of something expensive that i want.

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